Being Problem-Free

I’m making a choice and commitment to myself to be problem-free from now on. Like most everyone else, I’ve got various things going on – relationships and whatnot – that can easily be seen as a problem – either big or small – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Being problem-free (or worry-free) really is a choice, and one that I’m ready and willing to make.

Don’t get me wrong, problem-solving can be fun. It depends on how you feel when you say the word “problem.” Sometimes that sounds like an interesting puzzle to be worked on, but usually it feels bad to think that you have problems in your life. So if it feels bad to have problems or worries, then we have the power to drop those beliefs. I think there’s an underlying fear that if we stop looking at things as problems, they’ll just get worse, but it’s been my experience that focusing on problems just perpetuates them.

A personal example right now is this painting I’ve been working on, which was delayed because of family stuff last month. I suppose that’s a problem for myself and my client, and the work I do can be thought of as a problem-solving exercise. That’s a good example of a good vs. bad feeling problem. It feels bad to think of it as a problem for me (and the client), but OK to think of the work itself as a problem to be solved.

Semantics aside, the self-improvement way is to be solution oriented, so that’s the path I’m taking. Whenever I think I have a problem, or that something is a problem, I remember that it’s my choice – based on how it feels – whether I want to look at it that way or not. As for the painting, the solution is to have fun and keep working on it, and whatever happens, happens.




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