Appreciating My Parents

Sometimes I feel inspired to write as I’m getting ready to go to sleep. Tonight (early morning, actually) I’m thinking about “divine timing”, synchronicity, Law of Attraction, and my relationship with my parents.

My parents have been divorced for years, and they don’t talk to each other. I basically ran away from them as fast as I could after I graduated high school. I had major inner conflict regarding my parents. It was part of the theme of my life for a while.

The reason I was thinking about divine timing is that I now realize I’m not responsible for my parents’ happiness or success in life. If they were more successful financially, things would be easier in some ways, but they worked their whole lives, and I’ll receive whatever they leave behind for me.

The thing that matters to me is that my relationship with them has improved dramatically, although it’s not perfect or ideal by some (other people’s) standards. There’s a level of meaning and authenticity to my relationship with my parents that I truly appreciate.

There are challenges, and that’s where my self-improvement work comes in handy. I could have never planned out all of the infinite details and synchronicity of our journey together.



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