Being Fortunate

BuffetLionI went out and had Chinese buffet with the family today. I like those “buffet lions” they always have at the door.

Sometimes I feel frustrated by conditions that seem like limitations and restrictions, but more and more I see and appreciate my good fortune.

In fact, I got a very auspicious fortune cookie:


I look at a goal as something you can say that you’ve achieved, like crossing the finish line, and one of those is to finish the painting I’m working on. I also have a goal of having fun being an artist, writer, and storyteller, which is a life-long kind of goal.

I think if we believe we have good fortune, or that we’re fortunate, then life becomes that way for us. If we keep finding all the different ways that luck is on our side, then we tend to be lucky. It’s like the “glass half full or half empty” scenario. It’s our choice.



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