Making Coffee (and Learning Social Skills)


Insight can show up during rather mundane moments, like this morning. I continue to have my adventures of living with my mom and her husband. It feels ridiculous to call him my step-dad. He doesn’t – and hasn’t – acted like a dad to me. He’s more like an older brother, which is gross. With that said, I do my best to respect their relationship, and appreciate their assistance.

I mentioned before that I often make coffee for me and “Bill” (my mom’s husband). This morning, I didn’t know he had the day off, so I didn’t make enough for him (I don’t use a coffee maker, so it’s a bit more involved process). As I’m finishing up, he comes out of his room in a socially awkward way, and seemed to want some coffee, but didn’t say anything, so I went to my room.

As I did my morning journaling, I felt inner conflict, and wanted to understand why. I could have offered to make him some coffee, but that didn’t feel right. After some contemplation, I realized that if he had asked, I would have been fine with it, but since he didn’t, it didn’t feel right for me to offer, so I learned something about myself, and what feels right to me regarding social interactions.

Anyway, he can make his own cup of coffee.



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