Appreciating and Self-love

There was a time when the thought of loving myself seemed like a myth, but now that I know that I love myself, it feels perfectly natural. From this centered place of self-love, I can clearly see the self-hatred, which didn’t come from me. We’re not born hating ourselves; it’s something we’re taught. Maybe love and hate are strong words, but appreciation and devaluing work just the same. So does self-empowerment versus disempowerment.

I see no reason not to appreciate everything. Even when there are things I don’t like, I still appreciate knowing that about myself. I can do everything from a place of appreciation. I want to appreciate the things that I like. Appreciating is respecting it. I think the opposite of appreciation is fear. Why fear the things we love?

There are levels and degrees of appreciation, and the more we do it, the more life reveals itself to us. Even as I write this, I became frustrated with my cat, but I can appreciate that, too.



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2 thoughts on “Appreciating and Self-love”

  1. Your write-up brought back a lot of memories! It took me a long time to understand the meaning of loving yourself. I thought loving yourself meant you were selfish. Thank God, I have realized I can never be happy without first loving the person within.

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    1. I’ve realized that true love needs to be unconditional, and I think it takes a shift in consciousness to really understand what that means; some kind of wake up call.

      Every day I’m faced with the choice of whether I’m going to be conditional or unconditional in regards to appreciation, love, happiness, etc., which are essentially the same thing. I agree that without (unconditional) self-love I’ve never been able to sustain my happiness, because if I depend on conditions being a certain way, I can’t control that, and it causes anxiety.

      So I’m happy by choice, and I’m seeing that the quality of my life is improving, but I’m not doing it for that. I’m happy (self-loving) because it’s who I am.

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