Seeing the Connections (It’s All About the Benjamins)

BenjaminI’ve always known that everything is connected in some way, and I’m amused whenever I make the connection. My 4th of July plan was to hang out with my relatives at one of the Buddhist temples, but I’ve decided to work on my painting and focus on it for however long it takes. As it turns out, my mom is the one who’s going to the temple – which she hasn’t done for a while – so what seemed like a good idea changed into a better one.

When you study various self-improvement and wisdom related teachings, you’re struck by the core truths. The concepts of following the path of least resistance and the Taoist idea of wu wei are essentially the same thing. Synchronicity and correspondence is the way the universe actually works, which is why I choose to be sincere, because I believe that having inner peace (which sincerity cultivates) affects the world around me. If someone were to ask me what I would do in response to a social issue, I’d tell them that I would work on being as happy as I can be.

Somehow things are getting done, and connections are being made without me having to worry about it. Anxiety and worry is a people repellant, and it’s depressing to repel people away from you. Having inner peace is like a balm that soothes all social interactions. As I write this, Ben Franklin is staring at me from a crisp $100 dollar bill that has July 4, 1776 written on it. I’ve never met the man, but I appreciate how we’re connected.



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