Creating (Not Running Away)

These days I’m finding myself in situations which I would have run the hell away from before – and I did – but wherever I ran to, I still thought about the things I was running from, so I wasn’t free of them. That’s called being conditional, or living from the outside in, or reacting.

Now that I’m living from the inside out – which means I’m in charge of my thoughts and emotions – whatever the situation may be, I’m able to focus on thoughts that feel good to me. That’s the kind of freedom I was looking for all along. Instead of being controlled by the conditions of life, I can create the feelings I want to have, and let life fill in the details.

It has become apparent to me that some people come up with reasons, justifications, or excuses for why things are the way they are, or why something happened the way it did, or is happening the way it is; why they’re not able to do, have, or feel the way they want. These excuses are conditions, and that usually means other people. When I notice this kind of thing, it irritates me, but for me to notice it, it has to exist within me, so I use it for self-improvement.



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