Lining Up with Decisions

I’m lining up with my decisions – which is another way of saying lining up energy – and it’s also like resolving inner conflict. Lining up with a decision means supporting the choice that you’ve made. It’s a commitment to walk down the path and see where it goes. These decisions are all the same; there’s no big or small decisions. Deciding to do something, but hesitating while you’re doing it, is detrimental to any process.

If I’m not sure about what decision to make, then I choose to make no decision, and I line up with the non-decision. Non-decision isn’t the same as indecision, because it’s a choice to wait, rather than going back and forth between decisions.

I’m lining up with my decision to follow the path of being an artist, writer, and storyteller. I’ve had some inner conflict that has to do with being motivated to earn money versus being inspired to paint and write. It’s the inside-out vs. outside-in conundrum that I’m familiar with. I feel the tension in other areas, too, and I want to line up with my decisions wherever I find inner conflict.



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