Being Self-disciplined (and Happy)

I think we’re all self-disciplined; it’s just a matter of what we’re self-disciplined about. I choose to be self-disciplined about self-improvement. That feels like the best and most natural thing for me to focus on, because from my Self (which is my center), I perceive the world. As I continue to improve myself, I see that it affects the world I live in.

One thing I’m letting go of is trying to fix or make others happy, because it’s a fundamentally flawed concept. You must have the self-discipline to do things that make you happy. If each of us did that, it would dramatically improve society. It really is a decision between doing something for the love of it, or out of fear (of punishment, pain, etc). I’m lining up with my decision to do it for love.

My self-improvement journey has shown me how life, people, nature, myself, the world, and the universe works. It’s not a static concept, but rather an eternal unfolding. Every breath is like a new life. It’s an amazing and fascinating adventure!



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