Being Unconditional (of Anxiety and Depression)

I’m taking this opportunity to gain unprecedented personal clarity and understanding of myself. I’m aware of a pattern of thinking that – if I were to see it clearly – would shift me into a whole new way of life. The old way of thinking was responsible for the anxiety and depression I’ve experienced over the years, at least the perpetuation of it. I’m feeling the depression now, but the difference is that I’m much more aware of what’s going on. I could treat the symptoms – which is what I initially used self-improvement for – but I can also get right to the heart of the matter.

It really has to do with choosing to be conditional vs. unconditional, and it applies to both positive and negative conditions. The insight I’m receiving is that unconditionality (a word that’s not in the dictionary) isn’t the opposite of conditionality. The duality exists between wanted and unwanted conditions. Being unconditional is the third option; the middle way, and it’s actually the way out.

Anxiety and depression isn’t magic, it’s not a curse, and it’s not a life sentence. It’s a condition, a pattern of thought, energetic and vibrational like everything else. By paying attention to it, and reacting to it, we keep it alive; in society and in ourselves. The heart of the matter is that conditions don’t matter, and they can’t matter if we want to be free; the creators of our reality.

I choose to be unconditional in regards to anxiety and depression. I withdraw my personal identification from it. I choose to identify and align with my True Self.



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