Cleansing Myself

It’s interesting to weigh the things I pay attention to based upon how they feel, and choosing to pay attention to things that feel good to me. It flies against what I’m used to, and what I’ve learned from others, yet feels completely natural. I’ve gotten to the point where I can feel how resonant something is with who I am, and I choose to be resonant (or aligned) with myself (or True Self).

For free-thinkers, leaders, visionaries, and innovators, trying to live by consensus is creative death. I can tell when my ideas are being killed by a tendency to seek approval from others. I find it amusing when people want to save the world, when their lack of self-awareness is made evident by their attempts at saving the world (hint: the world – or anyone else – doesn’t need saving). To me, this is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy.

80% of the things I encounter on a daily basis fall under the category of socializing, which includes all the chatter about what’s right and wrong, whose opinions are correct, how we should live, what we should do, what to complain or gossip about now, and who we will blame for our problems. This includes my own mental chatter, which has been almost thoroughly socialized. I’m cleansing myself – not from toxins – but from hypocrisy.



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