Focusing on What’s Working

Let’s say there are ten things in your life experience that are important to you, and that one thing isn’t going well, but the other nine are going well. If you would focus on the nine things that are going well, or even one of the nine things that are going well, that tenth thing would have to come into alignment. It would have to, because vibrationally you’ve cleaned it up. Vibrationally, you’re using the nine things that are going well as your reason for offering your vibration, which means you’re now getting impulses about everything else; you’re getting impulses about the thing that isn’t going well.

~ Abraham

I do my best to focus on what’s working, and what feels good in my life. I know there are things that I could focus on that don’t seem fair, just, or right, but I know that’s my choice. I can empathize with people who have been hurt, or who are hurting right now. I know what it’s like to see no point in going on. All I can say is that – in the darkest time of my life – I found something within me that loves me unconditionally. I can’t make anyone else feel this love. All I can do is share my experiences. I don’t know why people do what they do. I know that everyone is doing their best to be happy in the way they know how, and I need to allow that for myself and others. I remind myself that whatever I think I’m losing, I’m actually gaining freedom, clarity, and truth. I’m connecting with my soul and being who I really am. That’s worth everything.



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