Integrating the Psyche

I’ve been drawn to Jung’s work for a while, and this early morning I experienced a clarifying example of it. I know there are things I feel strongly about, but for various reasons I present a certain persona, and the strong emotions get stuffed into the shadow. I have a part of me – which I think is the anima – which feels victimized, and the ego is just tired of it all.

When I write these articles, it’s my Self that comes through. Maybe that’s the purpose of what I’m experiencing; I’m meant to integrate these highly contrasting elements of my psyche so that I can become more whole, and thereby show others that it’s possible.

Nothing is more personal than our thoughts and emotions, and I’ve often felt confounded by myself, like I’m the one who keeps messing up my life. I’ve also felt like blaming others, except that doesn’t really change things for the better. The main thing is that I’m allowing these parts of myself to have legitimate value, and it feels better that way.



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