Validating and Enjoying the Moment

I’ve been on a Jungian kick lately, but the insights I’m having (and experiencing) are giving me a new sense of inner peace. I realize that whatever it is I’m doing, some part of my personality is activated and more dominant at the time, and I’m choosing to validate that. It doesn’t mean I like everything about myself in each and every moment, but I also don’t automatically judge or hate parts of myself. This has the effect of creating inner harmony.

Another helpful trick is to treat activities as their own “scene.” It’s the same thing as honoring the moment, or doing something for its own sake. I’ve noticed that my ego wants to calculate and manipulate things, so that if I do this in this way, it will lead to that thing happening, and so on. It’s not very enjoyable to do things in that way. It’s taken me a while to re-orient myself so that I’m able to see the machinations of my ego.

I’m allowing myself to enjoy whatever I’m doing for its own sake, not because it will get me anything. I’m also allowing people to feel, think, or do whatever it is they’re going to. I’m putting my trust and faith in doing what feels good and right to me, because that’s all I really know about. I don’t know how to make anyone else happy, but I do know how to make myself happy, so I’m going to go with that.



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