Doing What Feels Good (A Better Way of Life)

If you think about it, living by any other standard other than what feels good to you doesn’t make sense. I think some people have this idea that if you did what felt good to you, then all hell would break loose, or at the least nothing would get done. Maybe that might happen to some degree initially, but I think that would be more of a backlash against doing things based upon what others tell you for so long, and people would naturally want things to be harmonious.

I know this may be hard to accept when you look at the news and see all of the bad stuff that’s going on (or read the history books). There may even be people in your life that seem to defy – or be a cautionary tale against – doing what feels good. Again, I don’t think this reflects the truth. I think many people are angry, confused, and rebelling (in their own way) against being told who they are, and how to live their life.

It’s not about fighting the system, which only keeps it going (and feels bad), or trying to change other people. It’s about tapping into a bigger system; the universe, life, energy, creativity. You change the system by changing yourself. Some might say this is advocating anarchy, or hedonism, or selfishness, or whatever, but I say hogwash. If it feels good to you to argue or debate that kind of thing, then go for it.

Why do things that don’t feel good to you? Any reason we come up with is just a belief, and usually a limiting and outdated one. I’m choosing to do things based on whether it feels good to me or not. Sometimes that means doing the same stuff I’ve been doing (because it still feels good), but I find that it often leads to a more liberating, less stressful, and better way of life.

By the way, no one can decide for another what feels good to them or not, which is essentially the root of the problem; people trying to control others.



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