A Simple Way to Live

I know that I’m doing things for the right reasons (for me), and I examine those reasons to make sure they’re right. When I feel a certain way, I take time to understand why. That’s what I think self-improvement is about. Who am I to judge how anyone else should live their life? If it brings them fulfillment and joy, then that’s their business. I choose to follow my bliss.

My philosophy is that if it makes you happy, then do it. If it doesn’t make you happy, then do something else. This is a simple way to live. Any other way of living is too complicated; obligations, duty, people-pleasing, manipulating, taking sides, keeping secrets, blaming each other, trying to figure out someone’s motivations, yuck.

I enjoy being loyal, having respect, and honoring each other. I also enjoy having fun, playing, and appreciating each other. Those are the principles I live by, and my life is great because of it. When I’ve run into problems, it’s because I started worrying about what other people were doing. When people try to play emotional games, alarms always go off in my body. I choose to listen to my inner guidance.

I consider myself a citizen of the world. I want to be the kind of person that can go anywhere, be with anyone, and do whatever I feel like doing. I believe that it’s possible to do what you want, and still have respect for one another. Some of what I’m writing is general and abstract, because I’m not interested in complaining about things; I prefer to improve them. I’ve realized that it’s best to do my own thing, and do what’s right for me.



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