Being a Catalyst

This is an important time in my life; a time when I become my own person. I take responsibility for my well-being, and I let go of trying to take responsibility for other people’s well-being. I’ve called it self-improvement, but it can also be called growing, maturing, expanding, awakening, transforming, or individuating.

I used to be afraid, naturally, for my survival. As children, we need adults to take care of us, but then we must mature mentally and emotionally. Much of the unhappiness I see in my fellow adults is the inability to grow psychologically.

There are still some fears, but my desire to be who I am is growing far beyond any fears I might have. I’m glad that I can be this self-aware in my thirties, when I see people twice my age still stuck in their roles. I feel like a catalyst of clarity and sincerity.



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