Letting Go of the (Minor) Details

I applied for another job today, and I remind myself that I already have a job as a freelance artist, so what I’m looking to do is increase my income, and have more financial stability. All the reasons that have led up to this clarity and focus are minor details. It’s taken a while for internal and relational conflicts to become “minor”, but I’m glad that I’ve reached that point.

I like the feeling of promise and opportunity. I have a bright future ahead of me paved by years of self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-belief. I want everyone to do well, especially people I love. I like realizing that I don’t have to like everyone, either. I can even live with people I don’t especially like.

I like letting people play their hand. I know that I’ve got some great cards in my hand; abilities, skills, and knowledge. I like getting clear about who I am, and being loyal to that. I’ve noticed that some people scramble around or run away when you don’t play their games. I’m not trying to change anyone; I choose to align with my True Self.



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