Proving It to Myself

I’m proving to myself that in every situation there’s always a path of least resistance. I’m also proving to myself that being unconditional is the way I want to be. Being conditional gives power to the conditions. Conditions are things outside of your control, and that’s pretty much everything except how you choose to think about things. You can think of things in an empowering way, or a disempowering way, and I would always choose self-empowerment.

I find that people who are unhappy, and also when I’ve been unhappy, it’s because of looking at things in a self-defeating way. Being chronically conditional leads to unhappiness. I’m proving to myself that conditions neither make me happy or unhappy. I choose to be happy, and conditions can come and go. I make decisions based upon what feels best or better at the time, which is the path of least resistance.

I’ve realized that you can’t try to please others, because it’s impossible, and disempowering. I’ve also realized that allowing yourself to be who you really are, which means doing what feels best to you in any moment, is what following your inner guidance means. I can feel the fearful, conditional part of me, and I choose to be my powerful, unconditional self.



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