My First Night at the Shop

I’m already planning to clean and organize my dad’s shop, which is now my temporary home. I’m not able to sleep because I’m thinking about the events that led up to this situation, and because I sometimes like to write in the early morning.

The smell and flies don’t help (this is the same crazy messy shop I wrote about a few weeks ago). Little did I know I was cleaning up my future home. I stood up for myself with my mom and her husband, and living in nicer conditions with them isn’t worth compromising my principles.

I might clean up anyway even though my dad’s asleep, or maybe I’ll go find a 24 hour store where I can buy something to kill the flies, and get rid of the odor. It’s giving me a headache. If I hadn’t experienced and grown from previous situations, I’d be feeling bad about this, but that’s not really my style. I always find a way to improve.



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