Scratching the Surface

In less than a week, my life is profoundly different, and I’ve gained even more clarity. This is a helluva way to end a year that was already full of changes.

While my life is sometimes bewildering, it’s also fun, and every day is an adventure. I’m learning a lot of things that are adding to my self-improvement journey, like knowing that I can enjoy situations that I might have been afraid of before.

I’m sitting on a paint can watching over my dad’s shop while he takes a nap. There are several cats (and some raccoons) that live in or around the shop. I have to admit they’re growing on me, especially a little one that me and my dad think is somehow connected to my uncle that recently died at the shop. My mom started talking to me again, and I went over to her place while no one was there, and checked on my own cat. I’ve already written a lot about my life, and I see that I’ve barely scratched the surface.



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