Being, Doing, and Having


As you may already know, I’m living and working with my dad nowadays, and today I visited my mom’s place while her and her husband were at work, so it was just me and my cat. It was good to have some time to myself, and to write in my journal. This time period in my life has been a clarifying experience like no other.

Seemingly small gestures like a friend from school asking me how I’m doing actually means a lot. I appreciate the relationships I have. Earlier, while I was driving, I genuinely felt that I loved myself, and it brought tears to my eyes.

This past year or so has been about sinking or swimming, and I choose to swim. I now realize things (mainly about myself) that I’d hoped for; such as having true self-esteem. And yet, there are still a great many things I dream of being, doing, and having.




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