Focusing on Clarity


I’m taking this opportunity (and by ‘this opportunity’ I mean this period of time in my life) to clarify and focus. Many of the self-improvement terms I’ve used are still the same, but my application and understanding of them has changed (for the better). As I improve myself, I’m also improving the world I live in.

If you read the articles I’ve written over the years, you’ll see that the principle of self-improvement is at the heart of them, whatever I happened to be experiencing at the time. Self-improvement is a daily thing; sometimes hourly or even moment to moment. At the heart of self-improvement is expressing who we truly are.

To think that we can change the world for the better is a great thing. To think that we can change ourselves for the better is even better. I’m not saying I’ve got it all figured out, but each clarifying step I take is focused towards my truth.



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One thought on “Focusing on Clarity”

  1. Great to meet you on wordress. I just stumbled upon your blog and it really resonates with me. I am on this same path and looking to learn from others as I become the highest version of myself that I can be each day. Definitely going to check out your blog.


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