Adapting to Life and Work


I woke up this morning and got to work. I was focused on attracting work into the shop, and it happened. Before getting to work, I looked up the rules for Final Jeopardy (the issue that sparked the argument between my dad and me), and you know what, I was actually in the right, but I don’t even care about telling my dad, because it wasn’t about me being right.

My dad started going on about how he’s watched the show for years, and how I think I know more than him. Good grief. 80% of the time, I let his behavior go, because I love and respect him, but sometimes I need to speak up when he’s blatantly wrong.

Anyway, I’m at a point in my life, and have experienced enough, that I can be my own man. I know that I can live and work anywhere I choose or need to. I’m realizing that it’s better to be adaptable, flexible, and believe in myself.



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