Speaking from the Heart and Soul


I woke up early and went outside to sit with Bena by her tree. I spoke to her, my guides, mentors, teachers, friends, and family. I spoke to God, the source of all that is.

Earlier this evening, I had enough of my dad’s comments and complaints about anything and everything, and finally lost my temper when he started griping about Jeopardy, of all things. We yelled, talked, listened, and whatever happens beyond this, I’m glad that this particular experience happened. As you know, I believe it’s up to me to change myself, and not expect others to change.

For a while, and especially the past year and a half, I’ve been discovering my inner strength. Inner strength isn’t something you achieve, and then you’re done; it needs to be cultivated. It can be confusing to listen to others talk about what’s right and wrong, but Bena’s death has given me clarity about who I am, and what matters to me.



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