Connecting to Something Bigger


I received a very nice email from one of the readers of my blog, and I really appreciate it. It goes to show that what I write connects with people in ways that I don’t completely realize, but I do have a sense of. It’s also a way for me to connect to something bigger than myself.

I’m writing this under Bena’s tree, which is a first. It’s evening, there’s a cool breeze, and there’s the sound of huffing and puffing from the factory behind the shop. I feel like I’m part of some kind of play.

I enjoy having a positive effect on people, but my main focus is to align with my True Self, which happens to create positive results. It’s strange to think that Bena’s gone, just like it’s strange to think that Jess is gone. But I realize that the people (and beings) I love are always with me.



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