Cultivating Beliefs


Yesterday, I woke up wondering how we were going to pay for our electricity bill, and by the end of the day, we got a new customer that paid us the money we needed. I believe it’s yet another example of how our state of being creates our circumstances. I think it’s a powerful belief, which I’m cultivating.

I had some beers with my dad last night, and we talked about history, philosophy, and life. I’ve gone from feeling anxious about talking to people to allowing others to be more of who they are. For that to happen, I’ve had to discover who I truly am.

As I cleaned up the shop, before we had the money we needed, I thought about how life has surprised me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes we’re presented with situations that we can’t figure out with the usual narrow-minded viewpoint. Opening up to a broader perspective is the way forward.



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