Climbing Ladders and Being Centered


Every day is an adventure at the shop, and I get to see interesting things, like cats who can climb ladders. I also get to interact with people, and the important thing is that any worrisome thoughts I might have about these interactions are easier to let go of these days. It’s about being centered.

Part of being centered is having empowering and life-affirming routines, which are daily rituals. I clean and organize the shop every day, and care for the shop cats. I also make sure to focus my mind on things that are simple, rather than complicated (I can tell by how it feels).

My current way of life is more immediate, and less in my head, although I continue to be introspective. I’ve realized that I don’t have to give up who I am in order to be in the world. I can be who I am, and allow others to be who they are.



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