Discovering the Path


Living and working with my dad at the shop for the past several months, I usually go to bed early, and get up a few hours later. Tonight, I’m doing the same thing, and I’ve also taken to sitting in the big garage, listening to the trains go by, having coffee, and smelling incense. The night air is cool and refreshing.

My dad and I have been watching historical, religious, and spirituality-related shows, interspersed with the news, action films, and westerns, and having various conversations. The religious shows are due to the holidays, but I find that kind of thing interesting anyway. A lot of what I’m currently experiencing is making me realize that I prefer to live day-to-day, and follow my inner guidance.

Life seems to be about as complicated or simple as we make it. I’ve become adept at feeling whether or not something is complicated (or part of some psychological complex), and I choose the simple path. Discovering the path, and where it leads, is part of the adventure.



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