Searching and Seeking


The searching and seeking part of me – maybe that’s my ego – he wants what he wants, and he’s good at finding things that are wanting. So I – maybe that’s my ego, too – am aware of how and who I am. Sometimes it seems like I can’t take “it” anymore, but somehow I become stronger every day.

“You’re so angry!” she told me through tears, and it’s true, sometimes I do feel very angry. I feel angry for various reasons, and about various things, but I choose not to be angry about being angry. I’d do things differently if given the chance, and I suppose today, and every day, is that chance, even if it’s by myself (which is how change begins, anyway).

I can tell when my mind is tying itself into knots. Simplicity, sincerity, and starting over gives me peace of mind. I enjoy being my own friend.



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