Fleeting Nature


Being accepted and acknowledged by others feels good, but I’m realizing that it’s fleeting. This fleetingness applies to accepting and acknowledging ourselves, too. I still like it, but I’m aware of its fleeting nature.

I’ve been thinking about dissatisfaction, and conversely, satisfaction. There’s a satisfied/dissatisfied part of me which I’m aware of. This push and pull is powerful, and can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there’s an even more powerful force I consider unconditional love.

I’ve gone to great lengths to define things, to group them into concepts and ideas, which is fine in and of itself, but what I really like is feeling good, and I’m learning what that means, and how to experience it in a way that, ironically, feels good to me. It’s a process of harmonizing and unifying thoughts and emotions. I believe that feeling good is self-evident, which means it’s natural, obvious, and simple.



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