Role-playing Life

It’s too hot to be working on cars at the moment, so I’m taking a break. When I’m not working, I usually play the guitar. I’ve gotten a lot better (at work and guitar).

I used to play Dungeons & Dragons, and realized that the attributes you assign each character is also helpful for self-improvement:

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma

I work on improving these attributes, and that’s essentially what self-improvement is all about. D&D’s alignment system is interesting to contemplate, too, as it relates to ethics and morals.

We’re all role-playing to some degree. How much or how little we do it isn’t as important as how comfortable we are in the roles we play. I now have a better understanding of my character.



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One thought on “Role-playing Life”

  1. Yeah, but in life, you can’t just “roll perfect 18s”. You have to work hard to make all of your traits better every day.


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