Reflecting and Joy

I posted some pictures of Thuey a while back, and since then, she’s lost some of her poofiness (which is why she’s called Thuey in the first place), so “Fatty” looks slimmer these days. She’s also had two litters of kittens one after the other. The shop cat population continues to grow, although survival is anything but certain at the shop.

As I go about my day, I’m conscious of being joyful, which isn’t a jump-for-joy kind of feeling, but rather a calm, inner-joy. The joyfulness I’m talking about is independent of external conditions. Even frustration and uneasiness can be experienced joyfully.

I wouldn’t say that I’m caught up with all of my work, but I’m giving myself time to reflect. Much of my anxiety comes from wanting to control the uncontrollable, but life’s always been lived a step at a time, moment by moment. Each moment can be joyfully lived.



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