Deserving to Be Happy

We all have things that we fear. I mean real fear; the kind that keeps you from changing for the better. This is something I’ve known for years, but in reality, I usually have to reach my threshold of pain before I decide to change.

As my self-confidence grows, I’m more appreciative of change; I even find myself enjoying it. Also, I tend to care less about what people think, especially after the fact. When you realize that life’s got so many interesting things to experience, and that everyone is essentially concerned mostly about themselves, then you can get on with living your life the way you want.

In whatever way you’re able to find inner peace, then that’s the right path. I think unhappy people lack inner peace. Sometimes it’s the discomfort of being around unhappy people that makes you realize, not only that you want to be happy, but that you deserve it.



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