Waiting for Christmas

I’m waiting to go to a Christmas party at my workplace, which is odd considering I just had a massive blow out with my dad in which he told me to leave the shop. I’ve known how toxic my relationship with him has been, but I genuinely wanted to heal it. Now I’m letting go of trying to fix the relationship, and focusing on my own well-being.

I can’t live with lies. I want my life to be sincere and truthful, which is what I consider real. The things my dad said were hurtful and terrible, but I’m glad I stood up to him (while he boasted about being able to beat me in a fight…geez).

At least I can see that there’s a difference between good people and bad, and while my dad may or may not be a bad person, my relationship with him isn’t good for me, and I can finally know that and accept it. All of this takes a lot of courage for me, and I’m proud of myself for coming this far in my journey.



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