Stepping Back (to Go Forward)

I find myself writing from the parking lot of another gas station after spending the night at my mom’s. What warms my heart is having self-confidence, which makes life feel so much better. Whatever happens on the outside, I’m OK on the inside.

As I learn more about being an INFP, I see that not wanting to be trapped is a big concern. That’s another way of saying I want to be free, and the truth is that we’re all born free (no matter what anyone else says). So what do I do about it?

What I do is take one step at a time, knowing in my heart that no one and nothing binds me. Sometimes all I can do is breathe, take a step back, and start over.



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One thought on “Stepping Back (to Go Forward)”

  1. Beautifully written and at the age of 42, I am finally getting this whole concept. Often times I have to remind myself to step back, take a breath and embrace it all. Not being bound by a single thing is the very thing that will help you to grow. Thank you so much for sharing!

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