Beginning Anew


GBM Podcasts Are Back

The GBM Podcast episodes are now back online. I listened to them again, and realized how important it was for me to create them back in 2014. Awkward, self-conscious, and vulnerable, but also sincere and therapeutic, it was (and is) part of my ever evolving journey of authenticity. I plan on creating more podcasts and other multimedia content in the future.

Tarot Card Interpretations

The 7 of Swords describes my current situation. I moved on from living and working with my dad due to a clash between principles and values.

The King of Cups is the challenge. I look at it as having authority over my feelings, not letting other people dictate how I feel.

Temperance is the goal card. I’m experiencing profound changes that will resonate in all areas of my life. I’m finding my middle way.

The Fool is guidance. I’m finding my own place, and feel free and in touch with who I really am. I have faith and confidence in myself and life.



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