Starting from Scratch


Some people take great joy in traveling to foreign places and beautiful locales, and while I love the idea of doing that, I sincerely enjoy simple pleasures like finally having my very own place to call home. I also enjoy having my own bank account after all these years. Small things to some, maybe, but the sense of accomplishment, for me, is huge.

The Year of Re-invention

2017 will be the year I truly re-invent myself, and perhaps it’ll be that for you, too. Re-invention starts at ground zero (from scratch); letting go of who we thought we were, and being a nobody; empty of preconceived notions and assumptions. And yet, within this nobody are all the years of accumulated wisdom and life experience that will guide us from within, and give us the confidence (and courage) to go on.

I’ve found that being who I truly am does feel a bit foreign, but it also feels right, and expansive. I used to agonize over who I’m supposed to be, how I’m supposed to act, and why I feel like a bunch of separate people in one body rather than a whole (and happy) individual. I’ve learned to honor all of the different parts of myself that make up the whole of who I am, and most surprising of all, I’ve learned to love myself.

How will you re-invent yourself this year?



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