Having Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Goals


Since I enjoy using myself as a self-improvement guinea pig, I thought I’d share my monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Even after many years of self-improvement, I sometimes need to get back to basics. Perhaps seeing me experiment with my own life will enlighten you in some way.

Monthly Goal

Instead of having too many goals to accomplish in a month, I’ve decided to focus on just one. My goal for January 2017 is to move into my new apartment and have all of the essentials in place (electricity, internet, food, etc).

Weekly Goal

The week is almost over, but my goal is to begin moving into my new apartment.

Daily Goal

The daily goal is basically a to-do list. Things like cash my check, pick up the apartment keys, etc.

As part of my year of re-invention, I’m clarifying, focusing, and simplifying my life. Having a monthly, weekly, and daily goal helps me to be more productive. I believe that being productive and going with the flow can co-exist peacefully.



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