Starting Over (Gracefully)

I’m writing this in my new home, and what an amazing and incredible journey it’s been for me to get here. It goes to show how a seemingly common and mundane experience like getting an apartment can turn out to be a life altering adventure. Not only do I feel like I finally have a home, but I also feel appreciative and proud of myself.

I believe that the way we experience life is a product of our beliefs. It doesn’t matter how we came by the beliefs we have. What matters is that we have the ability to choose better beliefs.

A couple of years ago, I was at the lowest point of my life in almost every way, but I kept writing and sharing my experiences in the most positive way I could muster. That was my grace under fire and dark night of the soul rolled into one enchilada moment. In any case, I have to believe that good people win in the end.



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