Appreciating Sunday

Over the years, I’ve grown to love Sundays, although that hasn’t always been the case. Sunday is the juncture between one week and the next; past, present, and future. Even now, there’s nervous energy surrounding my Sunday, but it’s more of an excited feeling rather than worry (though it may have something to do with the playoffs).

Creating Sacred Space

Reviewing my week on Sunday has become a sacred space. In truth, I want every day to be like this, but I also enjoy jumping into the fray and mixing it up during the week. I like to contemplate my areas of life and take them all in; to see the big picture.

A Cold and Frosty Morning

It was 3 am as I opened my door to go get a cup of coffee from 7-11, surprised to find that the world was shrouded in fog. Atop my staircase – yes, my staircase; it leads to my door and no one else’s – I felt like I was on a castle rampart looking down upon a sleeping village. The journey of a thousand miles that led me here really did begin with a single step.



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