Having a Day Job


Having a day (or night) job was something I used to think I wouldn’t like, but as it turns out, I actually do like it, and it’s helpful in more ways than just providing a steady paycheck. A day job–especially manual labor–has helped me become more physically and mentally fit. It’s also gotten my creative juices flowing.


Now, I’m not recommending that everyone go out and get a day job, but for me it’s the right thing to do (at least for now). One of my top three values is being self-reliant, and that’s what I use as my inner compass, to guide my way. However, even with a day job it’s important to remain adaptable and flexible; agile.


My vocation is to paint pictures, write stories, and play music. If a day job helps me to follow my calling in life, then it’s part of my vocation. I believe that I’ll be able to support myself through my calling one day, but who knows, I may still want to have a day job, anyway.




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