Checking for Blind Spots


It’s a given that as we navigate through life, there will be blind spots; areas that we’re unaware of. So how do we deal with them? It’s like driving; we need to be aware that there are blind spots, and we get better at handling them with practice.


Maybe we can never be truly objective about our experiences, but we can do our best. We can ask ourselves if what we’re doing is genuinely making us happy. If there’s any confusion about whether we’re happy or not, that’s a clue to where the blind spots are.

When I look at my life, I have every reason to be happy, but there are certain negative thoughts, feelings, and situations that keep repeating. These are my blind spots, and I can never be completely objective about them, or see exactly what’s going on, because I’m experiencing my life as someone who’s inside the picture. The best we can do is be honest about how we feel, and look at the effect we’re having on the world around us, and that will guide us in the right direction.




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