Unraveling Anxiety


My theme for this year is re-inventing myself, and one of the main things I’m re-inventing is being OK with anxiety; not avoiding, fighting, or overcoming it, but rather just being fine with it. It is what it is. The less attention I give it, the quieter it becomes.

The Path of Least Resistance

Anxiety, along with pretty much everything else, can be transcended by taking the path of least resistance. I can say that with conviction because I’ve spent years combating anxiety, but you know what, as I sit here today, it’s still there. But it’s not paralyzing, and I don’t feel depressed about it, and that’s huge.

Be the Anxiety

Trying to go toe-to-toe with anxiety merely perpetuates it. Much of it is fueled by thoughts, anyway. I consciously choose to not do anything about it, and lo and behold, the knot unravels.




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