Noticing Synchronicity


I don’t totally know how the Universe and synchronicity works, but I experience it more and more. At least, I’m noticing it more. It’s weird!

For example, I was at a drug store that’s across the street from my apartment about a month before I moved in. At the time, I was stressed out because I was contemplating moving away from my dad. I parked at the store to take a nap and didn’t realize that soon I’d be moving into an apartment across the street (and it wasn’t an area that I usually frequented).

Another example is the job I just got today. It’s in an area of town that I’d visited months ago, but never went back since. I didn’t realize it until I showed up for the interview.

There are so many of these kinds of examples that I can think of. All of the big events in my life I’ve usually had a gut feeling or premonition about. Often, no matter how I may want the situation to go, it still ends up the way I “felt” it was going to be.

Are any of you intuitive, sensitive, or psychic?




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