Slicing and Dicing


Up before dawn, with hardly any sleep, I get ready for my new job. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had to get ready for work. The fan belt of my car squeals in protest at the cold morning air.

Starting a new job is like stepping onto the set of a new sitcom. We’re introduced to the characters. We begin to play our part.

I put on an apron and a name tag. I weigh roast chicken and slice and dice fruit to be delivered. I come home–exhausted–do my usual routines, and take a nap.



Having a Day Job


Having a day (or night) job was something I used to think I wouldn’t like, but as it turns out, I actually do like it, and it’s helpful in more ways than just providing a steady paycheck. A day job–especially manual labor–has helped me become more physically and mentally fit. It’s also gotten my creative juices flowing.


Now, I’m not recommending that everyone go out and get a day job, but for me it’s the right thing to do (at least for now). One of my top three values is being self-reliant, and that’s what I use as my inner compass, to guide my way. However, even with a day job it’s important to remain adaptable and flexible; agile.


My vocation is to paint pictures, write stories, and play music. If a day job helps me to follow my calling in life, then it’s part of my vocation. I believe that I’ll be able to support myself through my calling one day, but who knows, I may still want to have a day job, anyway.



Being a Beginner

Today, I’m focusing on my job, career, and vocation. I currently have a job that I’m using for income and to build the foundations of my preferred lifestyle. Career-wise, I’m an artist, writer, and musician.

Having a Calling

A vocation is a calling in life. I feel called to improve myself, and to share my experiences (in other words, self-expression) with others. I’m delighted when I’m able to help others improve themselves. Improvement is more important to me than giving someone a handout, but that’s OK sometimes (I’ve needed it, too).

I don’t like feeling trapped in general, and that applies to my job. When I start to not enjoy myself, I feel anxious. I remind myself of my goals and how my job is helping me to reach them, and I also focus on the self-improvement opportunities within the job, and that makes me feel like it has meaning.

Re-inventing Yourself

This is the year of re-invention, so I’m re-clarifying and re-organizing all aspects of my life. I’m approaching it like a beginner. When we empty ourselves of worn out assumptions and preconceived notions, we begin to re-invigorate ourselves.


Being Together

I’m sitting in the garage of the shop, freshly lit incense burning, vanilla coffee brewing, thinking about life. I read some old emails which brought momentary tears, then appreciation took its place. I’m better off mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially, in that I have a steady paycheck.

I’m learning a lot at my new job, and making friends. I’ve been thinking about moving into my own apartment for a while. I accept that I have distinct parts to my personality, and I’m happy that in general I feel inner peace (about these various parts).

The Life Areas operate synergistically. If one Area is stuck, another Area can help it along. What seems like individual fragments are held together by an invisible wholeness.


Receiving Happiness and Success

Things have a way of working out better than expected, and today is a great example of that. My dad and I have been having long conversations the past few days while we wait for more work, and just by sitting and talking we somehow received a much appreciated financial upswing. This kind of thing still catches me by surprise sometimes.

For me, the most important thing is that I remain true to myself. Without the financial help, I felt happy, and with it, I still feel the same. The feeling of appreciation is what I actually enjoy.

I’ve changed in ways I can’t completely put into words, but I enjoy blogging, so I continue to put things into words. Blogging and writing are constants for me, just like the thrill I get when I get a like, follow, or comment. More and more, I’m allowing myself to receive happiness and success.


Being Beautiful


Today was pay day at the shop. We finished two cars and handed them over to satisfied customers. There’s been a strong wind blowing leaves and various items all around the place.

I often feel like I’m in some kind of play, and what I see are props on a stage. Heaven feels close; an arm’s reach away. Things are gone tomorrow, and here for the day.

Work is work. Money is money. People are people. Etc. etc. There are lots of beautiful people and things in the world. Maybe I’m one of them.