GBM Podcast Episode 14 (published 11/4/14)

  • I talk about the sometimes confounding nature of unconditional love, doing things for the joy of it, and being free.

GBM Podcast Episode 13 (published 10/28/14)

  • I talk about working with the teachings of Abraham, several interesting self-improvement topics, and I also do a tarot reading. Synchronistically, the card I got was used in this article I wrote last month.

GBM Podcast Episode 12 (published 10/21/14)

  • Aligning with my True Self and being mindful
  • Facing fears and letting go of resistance to self-expression
  • Being inspired by Howard Stern when I was younger (and other childhood memories)
  • Following my enjoyment, and other self-improvement topics

GBM Podcast Episode 11 (published 10/14/14)

GBM Podcast Episode 10 (published 10/12/14)

  • I read my article Thanks for Everything and perform a cover of the song Stand By Me by Oasis.

GBM Podcast Episode 9 (published 10/7/14)

  • I talk about how a crisis with my cat became an opportunity for self-improvement, and about being the change.

GBM Podcast Episode 8: “Funky Midnight Eggs” (published 9/30/14)

  • I take you on a culinary journey that’s one part inspired and two parts insomnia.

GBM Podcast Episode 7 (published 9/25/14)

  • I talk about following your dreams, and take you along as I create an illustration inspired by the topic.

GBM Podcast Episode 6 (published 9/23/14)

  • I talk about the Life Area of Finances, and discuss my evolving attitudes and beliefs about making a living as an artist.

GBM Podcast Episode 5 (published 9/20/14)

  • I take you along with me on my walking meditation, and share my thoughts on life.

GBM Podcast Episode 4 (published 9/16/14)

  • I introduce the concept of Life Areas, give you a download to a Life Areas Map, and my cat, Beans, makes her GBM Podcast debut.

GBM Podcast Episode 3 (published 9/12/14)

  • The difference between the True Self and the False Self, the challenges and rewards of being authentic, and more about myself.

GBM Podcast Episode 2 (published 9/11/14)

  • Aligning with your True Self, emotions, psychology, and following your dreams.

GBM Podcast Episode 1 (published 9/9/14)

  • An introduction to the GBM Podcast, and brief biography of Sedone Thongvilay.

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