Achieving and Appreciating


Writing and publishing this post will be an achievement for me. It’s helpful to consciously acknowledge when something would be an achievement, and when something has been achieved. An achievement is something we’re proud that we accomplished.

Appreciation is also something we can consciously acknowledge. By “consciously acknowledge” I mean it requires mental focus, and by focusing on the things we appreciate, we attract more of it into our lives. Appreciating is consciously acknowledging and savoring the beauty, worth, and value of something.

Achieving and appreciating are powerful self-improvement techniques. By using both of these mental skills, we can truly create a more positive experience for ourselves, and by extension, a more positive world.



Celebrating 11 Years


WordPress informed me that this is our 11 year anniversary! The mind boggles! I started this blog in my 20’s and now I’m a thirty-something.

Achievement vs Accomplishment

WordPress calls this 11 year anniversary an achievement, and I agree. I think there’s a distinction between an achievement and an accomplishment. An achievement is something you accomplish that gives you a sense of pride (and you enjoyed doing it); an accomplishment is something that may or may not be enjoyable – or necessarily worthy of pride – but hey, you did it.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is essentially taking inspired action. I have decided and choose to follow my intrinsic motivation. This blog post is a perfect example of that.