Keeping (Myself) Honest

It’s another wake up from a dream at 3am (technically 2) kind of night. I did my usual things, and also having a – the more things change, the more they stay the same – kind of moment.

As I was browsing through some older entries, I reminisced about the ups and downs of life, how people have come and gone, yet here I am still writing on my blog. I think of it as keeping myself honest.

I’m not one to dish out advice. I have a hard enough time taking my own. I believe in figuring out my own path and letting others figure out theirs.



Appreciating is Enough


I’ve been tackling some big cleaning projects around the shop, and it’s quite satisfying. It’s in my nature to improve things. I find these practical tasks to be meditative.

You’ll notice that I don’t give out advice, for the most part. I mainly like to share my experiences, and if I have any advice to give, it would be to believe, know, and trust in yourself. That intention will allow you to travel a great path.

Even though there are things I don’t physically have, I still appreciate them. I want the feeling of appreciation to be enough for me. When the things I want manifest in my life, it’ll be an extension of my appreciation.