Neverending Appreciation

I feel a deep appreciation at how far I’ve come in the past few years. Journaling, writing, blogging, and art have been true companions long before and after people have come and gone. I know what it’s like to be left out in the cold and hung out to dry.

Though protected, my heart isn’t bitter. I still have a sense of wonder. Appreciation flows through me.

There’s no part of me that I’ve ever been able to extinguish. I’ve only ever grown. Self-acceptance is, as I see it, my only road to salvation.



Being an Artist, Writer, and Musician


Today, I want to talk about vocation.The main reason I blog is because I enjoy it, but also because I love writing. I do it every day because that’s what works for me (and it’s an excuse for me to take photos).

Being an Artist

If you’re interested in my art and illustration work, then I invite you to check out I’m currently brainstorming how to integrate all of my interests and talents into a synergistic whole so that I can put my ideas, creativity, services, and products out there in the world. The good news is that this is as clear as I’ve ever been about it.

Being a Writer

GBM has always been about self-improvement–and it’s definitely helped me improve myself–but it’s also helped me to improve my writing skills. Blogging and writing every day has made it easier for me to face the blank page. I’m working on (and intend to write and publish) a series of books, and GBM feels like the right/write space for that.

Being a Musician

Performing music is a more recent endeavor, but I’ve always loved it. I have ideas for videos which will complement my art and writing, and I want to include my passion for music. My intention is to write and perform my own songs one day.

I’m in the process of establishing a personal brand. As such, I’m calling myself an artist, writer, and musician. It’s important in life to follow your dreams, and achieving your dreams is all about clarity, focus, and vision.




Being a Beginner

Today, I’m focusing on my job, career, and vocation. I currently have a job that I’m using for income and to build the foundations of my preferred lifestyle. Career-wise, I’m an artist, writer, and musician.

Having a Calling

A vocation is a calling in life. I feel called to improve myself, and to share my experiences (in other words, self-expression) with others. I’m delighted when I’m able to help others improve themselves. Improvement is more important to me than giving someone a handout, but that’s OK sometimes (I’ve needed it, too).

I don’t like feeling trapped in general, and that applies to my job. When I start to not enjoy myself, I feel anxious. I remind myself of my goals and how my job is helping me to reach them, and I also focus on the self-improvement opportunities within the job, and that makes me feel like it has meaning.

Re-inventing Yourself

This is the year of re-invention, so I’m re-clarifying and re-organizing all aspects of my life. I’m approaching it like a beginner. When we empty ourselves of worn out assumptions and preconceived notions, we begin to re-invigorate ourselves.


Looking at the Big Details

It’s 39 degrees Fahrenheit; the coldest day of the year so far. I’m (still) sleeping on a cot in the shop’s garage. I haven’t talked to my dad in several days. 

I woke up this morning and immediately left to get coffee, then spent most of the day driving around, going to a couple of malls before coming back to the shop.

I realize that certain aspects of my life need to change, but I’m not unhappy, despite feeling disappointed at times (and angry). I’ve experienced and grown too much to lose hope or faith.

I bought some pens and a sketchbook which I plan on using soon. It’s been over a year since I’ve done any art; odd, considering I spent most of life my drawing and painting in some form or another. I’m able to do the things I used to do without feeling bad, and that’s an accomplishment in itself.

I often wonder how to look at the big picture while also paying attention to the everyday details of life. It’s not something I’ve completely figured out, but I’m getting better at it.


Catching Up

I’m taking a break from the heat of the midday sun. I’ve been thinking better thoughts (taking my own advice), and it feels good. My relationship with my parents is much better, which ultimately has to do with my relationship with myself.

Working on cars is essentially art. It’s more similar than I’d realized, and I resisted what I thought of as my fate, but maybe it’s more like my destiny. In any case, I’m interested in what I’m doing, and that’s the main thing.

The things I’ve written about; who I am, who I want to be, seemed exciting, but also far away. Now, I’m embodying the person I wanted to be, but of course, I’m also imagining myself as even more. Life is a series of catching up to who you can be, and also appreciating who you’ve become.


Planting Seeds (and Watching Them Grow)

Whenever I’m at the laundry mat, I remember being in art school years ago, when I would do laundry and hang out with one of my art school friends. I thought we were some of the better artists at the school, but many years later, I wonder how many of the students have a career as an artist. Successful or not, I can say that I worked as a professional artist for over a decade.

Nowadays, illustration has been put on hold, but ideas and stories continue to percolate. I consider this period in my life as the part of my story in which I become a moral person. It’s about making attitude adjustments rather than trying to change others.

My impression of life as a teenager and twenty-something was about worldly success. Even so, I planted the seeds of self-improvement way back when. The seeds took root, and now I’m proud of what’s growing.


Percolating Ideas and Simmering Stories


In one way or another, my life has been about creating art and telling stories. I have a lot of ideas which I’ve already put out there into the world, but there’s even more for me to express and publish. I’m called to do the things that I do.

I have a fantasy story that’s been percolating for a while. On days like this, I enjoy letting the ideas simmer. I’m going to write this story, and it’s going to be an epic.

My life experiences up till now and going forward is of tremendous benefit, especially as a storyteller. What I’ve written here over the years is also a story. I trust that my dreams are coming true at the right pace.